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The Battle for Tech Talent – 5 Things All In-House Tech Recruiters Need

Many have commentated on the search for top (and often scarce) tech talent in the UK marketplace. Recruiting high-quality developers has become an increasingly tough battle for many in-house recruiters. As an in-house recruiter for Stack Exchange’s London office, I currently recruit for the sales side of our organization, but prior to this, I have experience as a tech recruiter in London. Having worked in this position and seen the challenges that companies face in today’s market, I have put a lot of thought into what tech recruiters really need to be fully equipped to source talent. Below, I have broken out five key elements that every tech recruiter needs in order to be successful

  1. Resources

A common issue facing tech recruiters in today’s market is that unless you have as much recognition as developer powerhouses like Google or Facebook, it’s challenging to attract, engage, and recruit developers. While it’s important to focus on what developer want, it’s equally essential to consider the needs of recruiters. Without an effective strategy, it’s incredibly difficult to reach the tech community. There isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to sourcing developers. Developing an effective pipeline of candidates is a long-term game that requires a variety of methods to source talent including social media, Q&A sites, and even job boards. Ensuring that you have the right tools should form a key part of any sourcing strategy from management to recruiter. Dialogue is needed to select the most relevant options in line with your recruitment budget. After all, having the right tools will end up saving you money in the long run as your reliance on external suppliers decreases.


  1. Clear and consistent branding

To have an effective sourcing strategy, you need a clear message of what your business values and what makes your organisation unique. If you pride yourself on being at the cutting edge of your field, then be sure to say this when reaching out to candidates. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that everyone at your organisation is on the same page with that messaging. Consistency is crucial, and eventually this will trickle down to “word of mouth” and build upon any preconceived notions that candidates have about your company.


  1. Collaboration with your hiring manager

As an in-house tech recruiter, it’s critical to leverage the social network and expertise of the hiring manager. Since they work closely with developers all the time, they have a great idea of what type of candidates they are looking to hire. This can significantly contribute to getting the message out there that your organisation is hiring and has some fantastic opportunities….and may even lead to a few world class referrals from your development



  1. Effective recruitment processes

How many times have you said to yourself, “My job would be so much easier is the processes were better” or “Excessive bureaucracy is stopping me from doing my job.” Like it or lump it, admin is a big part of any in-house recruiter’s job. It’s about being organised and effectively managing your time in the office.  However, you do need processes that let you easily transition candidates from a screening stage to a hiring stage as smoothly as possible. Every business wants prospective candidates to have a positive onboarding experience. Tailoring processes to your organisation can reduce the amount of time it takes to hire and eliminate stress and take a few things off of your plate.


  1. Patience….

There are going to be disappointments along the way as you source candidates. Hiring top talent is not something that can be achieved overnight and requires a comprehensive sourcing strategy to meet the long term business needs. The key is to be consistent in your message and standing by the values of your organization. Standards shouldn’t be dropped in order to hire tech professionals.


Given the time and budgetary concerns, it’s difficult to acquire all of the resources you need in your recruitment toolkit. When you add on the pressure you face to deliver business critical talent….yesterday, this may seem like an impossible task. But don’t despair. Instead, focus on one need at a time with your organization and strive to stay organised and consistent in your approach. You’ll start filling your talent pipeline and hopefully snag a few superstars along the way!